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"I have been a client of MVO Associates for the last three and half years and have been completely satisfied with their service and never had any cause for complaint.

I had been dissatisfied with my previous accountants for some time - after twenty years as a client it seemed as if they were rather taking my business for granted as their service was becoming increasingly impersonal and unresponsive. So I started searching for a new accountant in my local area who could convince me that they valued my business and give me the attentive personal service which, as a small business, I was no longer getting from my previous firm of accountants.

I interviewed several local firms some of whom were simply not interested and some of whom said all the right things but unconvincingly...And a few just did not sound like professionals at all. Only MVO sounded genuinely enthusiastic as well as professional so I decided to give them a try. They have not disappointed.

Not only do they provide the usual small business and personal services (VAT, annual accounts, compliance, tax returns, etc.) efficiently and promptly but they do an excellent job of keeping me informed of regulatory/legislative changes, deadlines, etc. and are a reliable source of helpful advice for dealing with any unusual issues whenever they arise. And all of this provided for a very reasonable fee structure. I can wholeheartedly say that I would recommend MVO Associates without hesitation. TOP CLASS!." D.R

"I have been using MVO Associates for over 3 years now and find their services highly efficient and smooth running. A* service provided and any queries/questions that I have are dealt with straight away. They go the extra mile to deliver a great service and have often gone above and beyond their duty in order to help me with my needs. Excellent value for money I highly recommend this accountancy firm". G.M

"MVO Associates was first recommended to me by a customer in 2011, I was seeking specialist advice on transitioning from PAYE work toward a portfolio career as a sole trader. My challenge was this: how to present my collective accounts to HMRC so as to be taxed appropriately and this is where MVO Associates literally came to the rescue; not only did they assist with my accounts but also provided book-keeping services and consultation. Though were I asked what I thought MVO Associates’ USP might be, I would say: their ability to make every client matter: ability to deliver personalised service at an affordable price. So, would I recommend MVO Associates to others? Most certainly – and without hesitation"! N.O

"I have been a client of MVO Associates for 4 years and Michael takes care of the accounting of few companies of mine and some of my clients'. His services have been always punctual, and the advices given were always on point. In fact, I keep referring MVO Associates as a good alternative to bigger accounting firms. The fees are reasonable and even if my companies are growing steadily, Michael managed to adapt to heavier work load and different business dynamics". C.F

"Michael and MVO Associates provide an excellent service. I have entrusted my accounts with them for many years and as my demands has grown, their advice and expertise has been invaluable. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services". A.S

"I first started using MVO Associates in February 2012. Prior to that I had been using a mid-sized London firm who outsourced all their work to India. This didn't really work for me as a small practice, as there was no consistency in service or even in who was handling my account. So, it was great to meet Michael and acquire his services. I used to do my own VAT returns, which although it is useful to know how it works, it would take nearly a whole day. Now, MVO Associates do it for me, and it has really freed up my time. MVO Associates also do my annual tax return. Alongside these services, Michael offers advice on business growth, tax management, company structure et c. The fees that MVO Associates charge are very reasonable. For example, the firm I previously used charged around £1,000 per year; and even at that there were hidden add-on fees. But MVO Associates state up front what the fee is (and this is considerably less than I was paying before), and there is no variance. The service I receive is second to none. My returns are all made in good time, and with all the issues that a small business faces, it's just great not to have to worry about this element, knowing that it is in Michael's safe hands. I would definitely recommend him to others (indeed, I have already)". G.E

"I got introduced to MVO Associate by a work colleague in January 2015 before starting my limited liability company, MVO Associates took me through the process of registering the company, i have been with Them since then that is 2015 and the services, they give is world class with one of the cheapest accounting fees in London. I will always recommend them to anyone because they provide top notch accounting services." A.M

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